With over years of experience, JST Trailers has a long-term commitment to our product and services. Our standard new trailer warranty covers the Fitness For Purpose of the following items from the date of the original purchase by the costumer.

Coverage Period
All welds Lifetime
1. Trailer frame and subframe;
2. Trailer coupling and wheel rims;
3. Hot dipped galvanizing;
4. Finish against red rust for one year from the date of manufacture on the compliance plate;
5. Winch;
6. Brake calipers;
7. Jockey wheel;
8. Roller arms;
9. Axles and springs;
10. Wheel bearings (excluding water entry);
11. Lights;
12. Tyres (excluding tyre wear);
13. Seals.
1 Year
The JST Trailers warranty does not cover:
1. Trailer owners who are not the original purchaser;
2. Misuse;
3. Damage caused by alterations or modifications
4. Fair wear & tear;
5. Accidents;
6. The effects of overloading stated capacity or incorrect boat setup
7. Roller adjustment or setup alignment;
8. Claims Arising from negligence;
9. Accidental or consequential loss or damage – to the owner or to a third party;
10.Failure to perform recommended maintenance services.
Not covered
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